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Buy a Laundromat

Working With The Experts Leads To Success Though many investments have suffered in our down economy, coin and card laundry businesses have been booming — they’ve grown to a $5 billion-a-year business in North America. Investors see a large profit in this easy-to-operate business. When the learning curve is attained, laundromats are one of the easier businesses to operate.

It is one of the few businesses that can actually do better in a recession. Anyone can operate A laundromat, IF you take the time to decide many important factors, to best meet your objectives:

Most Laundromats have at least a 75% contribution margin. This means that roughly 75 cents of every dollar over break-even is profit. This is outstanding, but you have to get to break-even first. We will tell you what that number really is from our research and how to get there.

Learn how from the real experts – The Laundromat Guys.